Green Grid – company profile

Green Grid – company profile

Originally established in 2009 in the HVAC industry under the banner “Air Conditioning Services”. Green Grid expanded into the realm of PV power generation and power storage. The HVAC and the solar divisions formed a new company, pooling resources and technical skills to enhance and grow the business but also creating a symbiotic relationship.

Operating through associated companies in Botswana (Widowbird) the experience and knowledge gained also means increased buying power as well as years of expertise and back-up.
From completely self-sustaining off-grid systems in the lodges of rural Botswana to residential grid-tied systems in the homes of Serengeti wildlife Estate just outside of Africa’s busiest airport.

Air Conditioning;
The air conditioning division is based and operates from the Gauteng. Covering the Pretoria, Johannesburg areas comfortably. We offer the full range of HVAC services. A simple midwall split through to light commercial package units, VRF/V systems and industrial chillers. Services, repairs, maintenance, installations, SLA’s and design when needed. Our customers cover call centres, property groups and government thanks to our level 4 B-BBEEE certification.

Starting with solar systems that cater for grid tied, off-grid and hybrid systems for everything from a small back-up system to full industrial off-grid power generation. The power storage Lithium Iron batteries are locally assembled and backed. Lead battery options are fast becoming obsolete and over the comparative lifespan are 75% more cost effective.
Our range of Freedom Won, Blue Nova and many other battery ranges can power everything from a gate motor and electric fence, to car batteries or even the motor boats and safari touring vehicles at Savuti Lodge that are completely battery driven.

Welcome to complete power independence, welcome to Green Grid!