The interesting part about each site we install is how well we have looked at the challenges the site is going to present. The better we have prepared, the more likely the installation will go smoothly.
There is always a challenge along the way and if a solar installer has not visited your site to make sure that at minimum a basic site survey has been done, you should already be asking questions.
There are so many solutions on the market that even the most challenging or unusual mounting project can be overcome with the right planning and experience.

As solar’s popularity has exponentially increased, so have all the offerings on the market, the good, the bad and the ugly to abuse a Clint Eastwood classic from yesteryear. Referrals are important as is reputation, these are often hard-earned and backed up with experience.

There is a vast difference in capabilities of cheaper inverters and an ‘equivalent’ pricier brand like a Victron, Fronius or Goodwe. The cheaper inverters are priced that way for a reason. We stay away from anything we have not tried and tested, even if it means walking away from some much wanted business. The same can be said for the many battery brands that are available and the many that are exploding (pun intended) onto the market.

Converting to a solar solution can be a costly exercise, it can definitely become more costly if you do it badly from the start. Do it right the first time.


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