Ted Blom, along with Chris Yelland are considered experts in the field of energy and Eskom and the complete failure that it currently remains. The current budgeted figures from Tito are no where near enough to get Eskom sorted out. There is ongoing corruption and a complete lack of action from the new board to sort this out. Bloated workforce, failing infrastructure and maintenance schedules have being neglected either due to incompetence, corruption, inabailty or a complete lack of interest are all contributing factors.

As a business owner, looking for a long-term solution to relaible, sustainable and cost-effective power generation and storage is a no brainer. It is now much cheaper to use solar. With the ongoing and very upwardly mobile price of Eskom generated electricity, Solar systems are a very realistic option and one that wont leave your business dormant when the grid goes down. How much is thast worth to you?


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