Andre de Ruyter seems to be a bit more forthcoming about where Eskom is going. That is a good thing. Turning a ship around going this fast in the wrong direction is no easy task, ask the captain of Titanic.
One of the first things Eskom did going into lockdown was stop purchasing power from IPP’s. On the one side, they were trying to minimise financial outlays, on the other it presented the ideal opportunity to mobilise and get going on desperately needed TLC on neglected infrastructure. The initial 4 weeks would have resulted in crucial repairs and maintenance to aging and neglected sub-stations, pylons and other paraphernalia of this national asset. The asset statement may be up for some debate.
South Africa is now slowly being returned to normal, what that normal is, remains to be seen but…. as more businesses and homes turn to solar for their daily needs, so Eskom’s power generation diminishes in necessity, capacity and importance.
Saffers have had an unprecedented 4 weeks with no load shedding (although driving around yesterday there were numerous very dark traffic lights in many a suburb). I hate to say it, but the time may be coming to charge up your batteries and service your generators.

Chris Yelland has kept his eye on this ball despite all sport being called to a halt, another interesting BizNews byte.

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