Eskom is the gift that keeps on giving. You probably are not enjoying the gift you are getting but unless you are planning to counter excessive inflationary electricity increases, continual load shedding, loss of production and the list goes on… really need to plan on being able to sustain your home or business through the next 5 years. At the very least.

Kusile and Medupi are now 18 years in the making and still not able to consistently generate anywhere close to their design capacity. The reasons for this are numerous and well publicised.

With the most recent Eskom increase of over 13% it is now becoming very attractive to look at a system that encompasses power generating panels. Without the panels, you have the convenience of minimizing the effects of load shedding or reduction but still bear the cost of re-charging your battery/storage bank.

The minute you take the plunge and add panels to the equation you are looking at approximately a 7 year pay back period, a lot sooner than that if the Eskom increases maintain their current trajectory. It really is worth looking at the full hybrid option sooner rather than later!

Real reason behind load-shedding in South Africa

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