The number of cynics in the audience grow daily. An article from March popped onto the radar detailing how Eskom has so far burnt R5 billion in diesel trying to keep the lights on. Jabu Mabuza’s own admission clearly indicates that this is not sustainable. So why?

It all part of electioneering. constant power failures would remind all and sundry that Eskom is failing, it is still failing. That will cost the ANC votes, which is why they are in desperation mode to make sure that can be avoided. It is spending more money than it cannot recoup, but thats ok, its not really their money, it is ours. The tax payer is keeping it afloat on the front end by paying their monthly utilities. As good tax paying citizens, we also prop up the back end by the government bailing Eskom out, with our hard earned money.

Going back to the cynical part, there has already been an increase in load shedding after a pro-longed period of consistent power. Maybe. Maybe the cynics among us will be proven wrong, but we strongly suspect that the call from customers wanting solar systems will again again increase drastically as baby kissing season subsides….


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