This is more about political will and the disproportionate amount of leverage the unions have over our politicians. The legislation definitely needs to be more user friendly, accessible and efficient. NERSA have come under fire for leaving Small Scale Embedded Generation (SSEG) applications gathering dust on the table while a couple of thousand MW of usable energy does not get pushed back into the grid while NERSA bureaucrats pull wages and do the same thing Eskom does……..

There are quite a few farmers who have their solar farms up and almost running, except for NERSA, hiding behind their wall of ‘red-tape’ and lack of drive. They have sprouted all sorts of excuses about processes/legislation/inspections and many other (plausible in their eyes) excuses. The word ineptocracy springs to mind, but I digress, Lets hope that Cyril bends to pressure for the solution to the Eskom problem that has been staring the ANC in the face for some time now. The solution wont win them any votes from their base but letting the country sink into darkness wont help their voter base either.

An wise instructor once told me during an HVAC course that ‘you cannot make cold, you can only remove heat’ in much the same way you cannot make dark, you can only remove light. Eskom has excelled at that.


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