Off Grid

Off Grid

An off-grid solar electricity system is completely self-sustaining and not connected to the power grid AT ALL. It has the necessary PV panels to operate your energy needs during the day as well as battery backups to operate your requirements at night.

While pricey to set up, the costs of a off grid system can be weighed up using our amortisation calculator, where you can calculate the amount of time required for an off grid system to pay itself off. As electricity tariffs increase, your amortisation period gets shorter.

Off-grid systems include buffers to allow for less sun during winter. In some cases the system may remain grid tied in case of the panels not getting enough sunlight. Alternatively an off-grid will have a generator built into the design so that in the event of prolonged periods of little to no charging for the panels, the system will still be able to charge up the batteries when necessary.

Switching to an off grid solar electricity system gives you uninterrupted power supply all year round and will eventually reduce your monthly electricity bill to zero!

Most systems need to be designed around individual requirements, especially on the commercial front where needs differ vastly around the functions of each business. Contact our team for advice or a quote, today.