If you look for something wrong, you will always find it. The crucial thing to garner is if this is constructive or purely to re-inforce your point or bullying a counterpart by proving your ego right and your peer/subordinate wrong.
It is not too difficult to find things going wrong with Eskom, pretty much everything they do right now turns to, well, lets call it mush!
Splitting Eskom is not the answer, neither is finishing the two white elephant at astronomical capture, sorry, I meant cost.
The split will take way too long, so says Goldman Sachs CEO, you will need to take power generation into your own hands, in the long run, it will work out much cheaper and your business will not be at the whims of a clear SOE ineptocracy. read the Biznews article for more clarity:

Goldman Sachs CEO says Eskom plan will take far too long


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