Air Conditioning

Air Conditioning

A large contributor to electricity consumption in households or businesses is air conditioning. Green Grid supplies air conditioning solutions that will either greatly reduce costs and infrastructure reliance or create a completely self-sustaining system. We create custom, cost-effective air conditioning solutions to suit your budget and needs, which can end up cheaper than the cost of your monthly electricity bill.

We offer a full range of air conditioning services, including:


Our team will install your air conditioning solution for you, using optimal materials and ensuring the best location for you unit.


We offer unit maintenance and regular checks to your air conditioning system to ensure efficient and energy conscious operation.

Servicing & Repairs

Our teams are equipped to offer a full service to your home or business air conditioner solution, checking all units, connections and unit operations.

System Design

Every air conditioning solution is different. Let Green Grid assess your needs and design an air conditioning system that meets your unique requirements.