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The world is rapidly moving to sustainable and affordable energy solutions and solar electricity is now within your reach. As technology advances, solar (or PV panels) have become more affordable and battery banks have become more efficient, longer lasting and more cost-effective per kilowatt; making them more accessible to normal households.

South Africa has one of the best climates globally for solar energy, blessed with continuous days of sun. With increasing electricity tariffs and unreliable infrastructure, a solar power solution for your household or business is a sensible and practical choice. The sooner you opt for a full off-grid, hybrid or grid-tied system, the sooner you can have clean, sustainable and hassle-free power for your home and/or business.

Battery back-up

Battery back-up is for those times when there is no power from the grid. This takes the form of localised power to run a few crucial items, usually off something like a multi-plug, alternatively, it gets wired through your electrical distribution board and runs all the systems required throughout the site. The size of a…

Off Grid

An off-grid solar electricity system is completely self-sustaining and not connected to the power grid AT ALL.

Grid Tied

Grid-tied systems become fully or partially reliant on conventional energy from the power grid during times when there is not enough solar energy for your requirements.


Hybrid systems use solar panels as well as battery back-up; however, it is still tied to the grid in order to top-up or supplement your power consumption.

Amortisation (or pay-back period) is the amount of time it will take for the initial outlay of a solar energy system to balance against your expected electricity expense. As prices increase, your pay-back period reduces, meaning your solar electricity solution will pay for itself sooner. Work out your expected amortisation period with our handy calculator here.

Every business is different and it is not always beneficial to remove yourself from the grid. Contact us for a full assessment of your needs and we can work around your budget and existing infrastructure to create a solution that suits you.

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