Nice to see a man of action at the helm. It still will not be enough to maintain the current grid, we still need to generate more capacity. This is very achievable and even in the short term.

There are already, conservatively, over 50 000 pv panels in Johannesburg. Most of these panels do not push back extra power into the grid as there is no incentive to do so. Eskom, government and unions have had a severe lack of will to take action on this. SONA’s revelations are many years overdue, a step in the right direction, but will there be action instead of talk as any politician is famous for.

I digress, take a conservative calculation at what could potentially be pumped back into the grid, if it were allowed:

50 000 pv panels at 335w per panel = 16 750 000kWh per hour! How would that help our economy!

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