You knew you were in for an increase from Eskom, as the embatteld power producer struggles to recover from years of managerial abuse, looting and gross incompetence. Once the municipality gets involved, many households will be on the receiving end of a 66% increase if you use more than 350kWh per month. That is between 10 and 13 kWh per day!

Not many households will escape this bloodbath. The current economic climate means that already strained households will be handed another straw for the camel’s back. In more and more middle income households, the back has already broken.

The catch 22 is that even with the cost of renewable energy and battery storage improving all the time, it is not easy to afford this option.

The other side of the coin is that you cannot afford to carry on with Eskom either.

The early adopters in the renewable sector are reaping the rewards in cost savings and productivity as their homes and businesses avoid the cost of electricity, and the loss of income when the grid goes down, the difficult part is how to determine at what point the cost of Eskom will outweigh the cost of renewables.

The real question is when to jump ship so that the cost of Eskom, bankrupts you before you can switch to renewables. See the Citizen’s article below!

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