Take the time to add your voice, no action is still action, just the wrong kind. As government and their affiliates realise that they are incapable of administering Eskom and related organisations, they also realise that the only way they can make themselves relevant is to legislate taxes for infrastructure that they are inept at running. Adding insult to injury, they will have contributed exactly zero to the cost of your personal infrastructure that you are erecting precisely because the same government is unable to provide a service that you pay for and are double taxed on, as your tax money then keeps this white elephant afloat. Essentially they want to tax something in which they have and cannot add any value.

Eskom also want R1.8 billion to pay BONUSES! Based on performance, they should be paying money back to the fiscus.

NERSA is a government proxy and although ‘appear’ to be independent, have a clear mandate in trying to squeeze more money for adding absolutely no value to the chain, the epitome of ineptocracy.

Make your dissent known, say ‘NO’.

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