The DA led Western Cape is set to become the leader in how things can be done when there is political will. They have been at the forefront of solar development for the past few years already and this comes as no surprise.

They are known to have stringent SSEG processes, but you know that when your solar system is approved, that you have set the benchmark. The province is now set to become shedding free as soon as national government enacts the legislation allowing municipalities to source their own power.

They have already started negotiations with a number of existing IPP’s so that when the laws are rubber stamped, that they will be out the blocks before the gun goes off, now that is a proactive government.

There is not yet detail on what they will offer to smaller providers, like homes that generate excess power during the day but that will also take a rather large burden off of the monkey on our backs that looks, smells and costs like Eskom.

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