Numbed is probably how Saffers are feeling. Between Covid and Eskom media coverage, do you even bother to read the content anymore?

Worn out over the ongoing barrage of bad news, how much value is more bad news on top of the heap. In keeping with the overload (pun intended) here are links to 2 more very informative articles on the future of power supply in the country.

If you are not planning to mitigate the risks of load shedding and ‘reduction’ for your home and business, you will feel the impact sooner and worse later. April sees a 15% increase in tariffs, these based completely on corruption, cadre deployment and mismanagement. Ineptitude is a term kept for government but since Eskom is essentially a SOE, that shoe fits.

You can expect a minimum of a 10% increase per annum over the next 5 years. This is when according to Eskom, they will have caught up with maintenance and load shedding will diminish…..

Let us take a rate of about R1.30 per kW. Taking the 15% increase for April into account and then 10% over each of the next 4 years, you will paying R2.19 per kW. At 30kW per day taking the increases into account, the average home will spend just under R100k in 5 years keeping the household running, not taking into account load shedding damaging appliances and causing many other losses, financial and otherwise.

You would need to invest about R200k in order to install a reputable system and take your home off grid (again in an average household). Based on a very conservative 10% per annum increase, you would recover that outlay in about 8.5 years. 7 is far more realistic and I am sure for many now working from home, there may be a taxable deduction lurking somewhere in there.

As a business, the value is more than convenience and a long term cost saving. It is productivity, cost reduction and (please fact check me here) you can write off the solar equipment over 3 years but still get more than 10 years+ productivity from a well designed and installed system.

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