It is quite simple. Pick up any news media around, coal sales are in a huge decline (yes! even in South Africa.). Renewables are now common place, stand right where you are and scan a few rooftops.

The Eskom generation business is done for. Tito Mboweni’s presentation at the ANC conference this weekend makes perfect sense. It is just unfortunate his audience consists of politicians unemployable in the real world and devoid of any common logic.

Eskom’s future relies on dumping generation (meaning Medupi and Kusile forthwith) and focusing on distribution and maintenance, any 3 year old with basic math skills could figure this out without to much coersion.

Businesses and individuals who are paying Eskom customers have increasingly turned to renewables. This quite simply means that Eskom has a rapidly reducing PAYING customer base and a rapidly increasing NON-PAYING user base. When, and if South Africa’s two white elephant eventually come on-line, they will really be excess to requirements, they were always another means to rape the fiscus, much the same as the arms ‘deal’ under Mbheki, suffice to say our armed farces are dismal and lack the basic necessities to fight their way out of a wet paper bag.

I digress, back to the basics:

shrinking Eskom paying customer base.

Rapidly expanding renewables sector both private and commercial (at a cheaper rate than Eskom is able to provide)

How does Eskom, as a proper and legitimate business, recover the cost of money borrowed, pay back their interest (currently compunding faster than cancer at a sugar party) and become a sustainable business. I am sure one of our many trade unions has the answer. As the common folk are aware, Vavi and his erstwhile mate Joseph (sp) cant go on strike in solidarity with their members (BMW’s do not come cheap and finance houses do not take kindly to those capitalist concepts of missed payments). I am not sure a Dacia would do their images any good. Their integrity would make for great media should they decide to take no pay in solidarity with the workers they “represent”. Billy Connelly would be proud of my humour.

The bottom line is that Eskom cannot be saved. This is echoed in other SOE’s. Take a second, drown some ice in a single malt and work your own path through the logic, then call me for a renewable solution.

Slainte Mhath – pronounced ‘slan-che va’

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