We have been saying this for some time now, and while there has been low demand for power, Eskom do not have the capacity ramp it up if we have the need for a relatively low demand over and above our existing needs!

Eskom will inhibit what little growth potential we have, purely because they do not have additional capacity. You have heard it all before but between Biznews, News24, Fin24, Chris Yelland and Ted Blom it must sound like a stuck record (for those of us old enough to know what that was and the frustration of it).

This piece by Fin24 delves into the potential inhibitors to growth and the only realistic solution to it. The good news there is a viable, sustainable and cost effective solution. In fact cheaper than Eskom as of right now. Take into account no more lost prodcutivity due to load shedding or the coming grid maintenance crisis and you have a winner.

As we try and grow our economy, business will have to take responsibility for its own power generation. Make sure it is done properly, a proper commercial assessment will involve data loggers, peaks, power factors, day and nightime usage, site visits and a sit down about what will suit your needs and how to design and build a system that will cater for your current and future expansion.

Technology is advancing rapidly, life cycles on current inverters mean you have about a 4/5 year lifespan before they are no longer compatible with the next generation. The worldwide move to solar and battery storage advancements means choose wisely, experience counts and cheaper is not always better.

Keep shining! Ralph


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