Thanks to BizNews for always having their finger on the pulse of things. HSF has released an analysis of Eskom’s financials. It is ugly and it is expected. Much like the arms deal under Mbeki (I am sure he was also ‘shocked’) all that these two power staions were was an opportuntiy to rape the fiscus under the guise future power security.

You cannot rely on this government for anything, you will need to be self-reliant and quite frankly much like the famous actuary Magda, we should sue the state for dismal incompetence and blatant thievery and corruption, all in the name of the people.

A water crisis is also sticking its neck out, the corruption in Lesotho with the Alliance of Democrats (AD) that is washing out in the water, coupled with complete ineptocracy in our own water affairs is going to cause mass dehydration.

South African optimism and ingenuity will be at its all time best to beat this over the long term.

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