Eskom has their cake and eats it!

Not only do tax payers pay for electricity whilst using it (in pre-paid cases up front to boot, and at a higher rate (still trying to figure the logic on that one)), but we are also getting it at the back-end too, and yes we are being raped.

We pay as we use, and adding insult to injury, taxpayers then pay on the back-end to keep Eskom afloat. The real cost is not R1.26, an interesting exercise would be to add the bail-out money to our per kWh cost and then assess the real cost, Ted Blom/Chris Yelland your skills please!

“our” government is taking despite our ongoing protests and it will not stop until Eskom fails or comes right!

I do do not believe that South Africa will colapse if Eskom fails, I believe that ultimately it will fail, by which time, there will be enough IPP’s as we lkl as businesses and households generating enough solar power and battery storgae, that it really will not require two costly and hopelessly ineffectual coal powered stations to generate electricity that is clean and reducing in price to produce by the day.

Some say that Eskom is too big to fail, I am firmly in the camp that says you need to be self-reliant when it comes to generating your own power and with systems that allow Eskom to buy electricity from these producers and on-sell it to consumers. In the near future, the generation division of Eskom will become smaller, and if government box smart (!) distribution and maintenance will be the life blood of our country, in the meantime get ready for more pain.

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