Even in countries that are not facing an energy crisi such as South Africa, the switch to renewables is gaining pace.

The reasons are numerous, solar has declined by 26%, the PV panels by about 13%. If you are in a country not crippled by ongoing supplier ineptocracy and corruption, it may pay to wait until this decreases further.

While prices are dropping, technology is improving, I am not quite sure how or if this has been factored into these equations.

I stand to be corrected, but even the UK, with a shy sun has just managed two weeks without coal powered stations. Imagine what we could achieve in South Africa were the politcal will in place and the bureucrats German?

With Eskom in crisis and yet another CEO on the way out, you really need to weigh up the options of generating your own power, and the cost of loss of production when you do not have it.

Storage is also an ever improving technology, it really is at the point of no return, by the time our white elephants of Kusile and Medupi come on line, they really wont be a requirement anymore. Have a read below:

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