Commentary on both 702 and Jacaranda FM of late have indicated that you can apply to push electricity into the grid. Despite this revelation, it is nothing new, the problem lies in the adminsitration processes and the will to follow these applications to fruition.

Carte Blanche did a small expose recently about numerous farmers that have invested in solar plants, but are unable to bring them online as the paperwork has been lost/delayed/misplaced or simply stuck in file 13. There of course has been a plethora of reasons as to why these have been delayed, red tape and bumbling bureacracy pop up whilst listening to these (lets call them valid) reasons.

Some of the methods for applying are Small Scale Embedded Generation (SSEG), an Independent Power Producer (IPP) or the long winded ‘application for an electrcity distribution licence of the electricity regulation act, 2006 (act no.4 of 2006).

Good luck getting any of these processed before 6 months to many years.

I am all for applications that will ensure that any system proposed is safe, well engineered and thought out, complies with the various legislations. it is the right thing to do, it is not right to delay these and hide behind excuses as to why the sit in a pile in an office at NERSA awaiting adjudication. This is the same enthusiasm that can be found at government regulators like NRCS!

Should you happen to have a pre-paid meter installed, you CANNOT push back into the grid, the meter just registers that as more usage.

In theory, this beautiful country is rumoured to have the 3rd best environment for solar energy production. In practice, renewable development hides behind dust clouds of musty folders with applications that will likely never see the sun.

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