The current ‘government’ was warned in Thabo Mbeki’s time that power supply was going to become a major issue if projects were not implemented. That was pre-2007.

This was then used as a get rich quick scheme by numerous ANC cadres as well as their investment arm via a Hitachi ‘JV’. By JV they mean rent seeking off Hitachi whilst they guaranteed them a tender…..guaranteeing a tender defeats the object of a tender (to the best of my limited knowledge). Not much dot joining required on this score, its been in the media.

The subsequent and ongoing disaster that is Kusile and Medupi is a clear indication of how good the ANC are at political interference, rent-seeking and corruption. The large scale knowns are the Guptas, Essas, Trillions and their ilk.

It is rather a co-incidence that since the last battle weary head of NERSA left, that Karpowership suddenly got the green light. The same NERSA completely incapable of approving solar farms that have been in their pipeline for years prior to arrival of the Karpowership ‘solution’. The only solution to that one is how many minsters and cadres are connected to the new company formed for the sudden fast tracked power generation that would cripple already heavily burdened tax payers. A tax base which is rapidly reducing whilst the tax burden increases at an already unsustainable rate.

Eskom can have the best intentions in the world, If it is not supported by the ‘government’ and the various ‘independent’ channels it steers, we are in trouble.

A minister who understands basic economics would be a great start. Instead of threatening mines about removing their licences (a basic understanding of law would also assist a great deal here), perhaps working towards a solution instead of blocking the path unless there is some form of in/direct benefit (whatever that may be), would be a start.

Our power issues could have been resolved years ago with the right political intent and WILL, unfortunately, politicians seem to thrive on media time, populist rhetoric and collecting an inflated pay cheque for something for which they are owefully underqualified for.

It is not what you know, quite clearly, but who you know.

Our plan to fix load-shedding cannot work if government does not get us capacity — Eskom

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