News24 also covered the same information, two independent sources from two separate media sources means the likelihood of false news is slim. Again, this reaffirms what Chris Yelland and Ted Blom have been saying all along about the crisis not going away. Eskom is quite literally in crash management mode. The duck that looks calm on the surface, but paddling like…..well like a duck underneath!

IPP’s are the answer but the legislation is slow, tedious and Eskom is in no rush to sign off on small scale embedded generation (SSEG) applications as this will take away from their much needed and diminishing income. SSEG applications can take anywhere from 3 weeks to 6 months, and if you do go ahead with this form of power and Eskom find out, they are entitled to bill you for ‘lost income’. Around about know would be a great time to do another class action suite against Eskom for loss of income due to load shedding which they negligently created. That bill will far exceed their claim, perhaps they need a reminder. Is that constitutional? perhaps a legal expert can give us some guidance.

the link below will give you more information. go solar!

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