Andre De Ruyter is taking flak from all sides. His position is unenviable. He is carrying the can for troubles dating back to 2007 when the then president Mbheki was warned that the country needed to develop more power generation. He made the poor decision to do nothing.

The straw to break the camels back is there and thereabouts, sudden escalation from Stage 2 to Stage 4, diesel resources being used in unsustainable volumes, breakdowns happening thick and fast.

The current Eskom boss has a mountain to climb and the load shedding blues are here to stay for a great many years. The big electricity users are already executing plans to generate their own power. The mines are fast building their own plants, as are the breweries. Their vision is clear: Eskom cannot be relied upon to sustain their power requirements and this will limit any future growth.

Chris Yelland was quite clear whilst being interviewed on 702 a few short nights ago. Youi have to take responsibility for your power in your home and your business, otherwise, you wont have any!

Load-shedding from 2007 to 2021 — De Ruyter vs other Eskom CEOs

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