2021 was Eskom’s worst performance since inception in terms of number of days of load shedding/reduction. The aging generation plants are sorely in need of maintenance and Kusile and Medupi are still generating nowhere near the capacity they were designed for. It is unlikely they ever will.

Ongoing design and construction flaws as well as the regular odd bit of sabotage lends to the unscheduled breakdowns and lack of consistent, sustainable and reliable power. Cost effective left the plot along time ago.

The knock-on effect of port delays also means that the climbing demand for solar panels, inverters and batteries is increasing the cost, the last 2 years has seen quite the increase in these materials, suppliers have often runout of these items, specifically panels.

It is still relatively cheap over the 5-8 year term taking into consideration that Eskom is going for a 20,5% increase this year alone. This trend does, by all appearances, look set to continue.

Once you have had respectable and reputable system installed, you may want to consider a self-contained water storage system with purification filters as the number of pipes and sewerage farms that are being neglected into a dilapidated state means that may be your next forced investment.

Municipalities have gone to court to fight to be the ONLY distributors of electricity. The self-same organisations that are completely incapable of providing basic services, and whom most are unable to achieve anything close to a clean audit on their financials. The same crowd that owes Eskom BILLIONS in unpaid electricity and are technically bankrupt.

Lets hope our judicial system sees through this scheme, in the meantime we can supply you with solutions while you hold onto that beer.


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