South Africa has faced its worst bout of load shedding since it became ‘a thing’.

Despite numerous attempts at trying to stop the death spiral, Eskom finds itself at odds with those both internally and externally that have been making a killing out of rampant corruption at the expense of the (fast diminishing) taxpayers.

Solar systems have become an absolute necessity for almost every business, and with the shift to working from home, that has now also become a contentious issue.

The capital outlay for a properly designed and installed system is realistically starting from R90 000 upward. Yes, you can get cheaper systems, and they will work. They do have disadvantages especially over the longer term. Battery life, functionality, power management, intuitive use and off-site/remote system management.

You can also start building the system over time, start with inverter and battery, then add some panels and further batteries as you go along. There are some really great inverter options that allow you to do this that are well priced and well appointed. Think Sunsynk/Deye as examples.

Lithium batteries are the current storage kings but there are some other products becoming popular (think Xenon), slightly higher cost per kWh BUT twice the life span.

There are financing options as well and perhaps using the excess amount in your bond may also be an option, the problem coming soon, is you cant really afford to wait for another Eskom increase. Despite what Gwede Mantashe mumbles about base loads and coal, you cannot rely on Eskom or government to look after your interests, quite clearly they have shown they cannot, second to that political will and connections to Karpowership along with corrupt money to be made, also means they wont.


You are on your own.

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Eskom wants a 20.5% electricity price hike

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