The recent bout of load shedding has brought South Africa to the brink. Complete lack of political will by Gwede Mantashe to fast track existing renewable solar farms and expedite new ones have been all talk and no action.

Not one extra watt of generation has been brought on line since 2017 despite Kusile and Medupi being brought online. Koeberg has been granted a life extension. This will mean taking plants off line in order to extend her lifespan. This will mean a drop in capacity for an extended period while refurbishments take place.

The worst is yet to come. Most public do not realise how close we came to losing our ‘base load’ when numerous municipalities did not abide by Eskom’s instruction to load shed, they simply chose to ignore it.

Andre de Ruyter is stuck between a rock and a hard place. Eskom would be quite easy to fix in a normal non-SOE environment where there are consequences and accountability, Eskom’s apple falls nowhere near that tree. endemic corruption, BEE pricing for broomsticks, milk and bottled water mean that this fix will take its toll on all who try do rectify especially without the support of the people who caused this in the first place, the ministers, most of whom are still in government.

While the ministers replace board after board of all the ailing and bankrupt SOE’s, they seem to be immune to the responsibility of these departments under their control. It is not the boards that are the problem, it is the p[politicians that put them there.


These politicians and rent seekers are the self same people who if they weren’t ‘voted’ into position by cadre deployments, would be unemployable in the private sector. Looking at that list of ministers, Not many spring to mind as potential candidates that you would employ for their skills. I certainly would not.

My recommendation is that you look to one of the many solutions for solar, there are some well priced solutions on the market, there are also some cheap ones that you will need to replace quite soon after purchasing them. Do you homework. There is lots of information about how to go about this. Investing in a decent inverter upfront, will allow you to expand on a system later as you are able to.

Avoid lead batteries, make sure your inverter has ‘pull through’, any decent installer will visit your site and not do a telephonic quote. Get references from your installer, check Google. There are some fraudsters out there, but6 there are also really decent and knowledgeable companies too.

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Prepare for worst load-shedding yet


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