Like many things related to (mis)government, Eskom has seen spiralling production and productivity despite a severely bloated and blatantly uninspired workforce. Increasing debt and a wage bill far out of kilter with the mechanics of the organisation.

It is easy to blame de Ruyter for these chain of events, but they were a long time coming and he has inherited a minefield of aging explosives that need to be balanced between politics, unions, cadre deployments and unwilling politicians.

NERSA much like Eskom is beholden to politicians. Riddled with bureaucrats with plenty to do and all day to do it in but somehow, things never change.

The positive side of many municipal failures is that the courts are favouring the applicants and businesses and individuals have realised that they cannot rely on the ‘service’ providers of government and the old adage applies: If you want something done properly, do it yourself!

Modern technology now means that a great many people have taken up the challenge and the explosion in the number of solar and water solution companies are a clear indication that confidence in anything government related is at an all time low.

Emigration is still climbing and the statistics show that those of colour are opting out of the rainbow nation at a growing rate of knots.

The upside is that the costs of solar generation and battery storage is coming down. The solutions for getting genuinely ‘off grid’ and becoming largely self reliant for even small homes and businesses are becoming more affordable and unfortunately necessary.

Take a look at the article in the link about what more price increases are coming your way…

Eskom electricity prices have skyrocketed — and it’s going to get worse

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