Cyril’s decision to raise the threshold for private power generation to 100MW was met with a standing ovation from the industry and the country as a whole. Gwede was punting 10MW, Industry was pushing 50MW as a minimum. Clearly the huge and unexpected jump in threshold was progress at it’s best. A visionary decision, one of very few but!

That was then…

10 June was when the announcement was made, we are now 2 months down the line and Gwede, who clearly is not in favour of this, has not met the deadline of 60 days given to him by our very indecisive president.

A final version of the amendment to schedule 2 of the Regulation Act was supposed to be published on 10 August. This  has not materialised and once again the ‘duly elected ministers who serve at the will of the president’ do not appear to be giving their president much respect.

Pontificating over the new threshold is one thing, at which politicians excel, action and political will are skills that are out of reach for those who actually need to DO something in order to run a country.

I think the word ‘run’ scares a lot of politicians, sounds way too much like exercise, you may even achieve something.


Bad news about private power generation


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