We have had a fairly decent spell of continuous grid supply. It was too good to be true especially with winter looming that brings increased personal consumption, just in time for that Eskom increase to rub salt in the wound.
The Eskom spokesperson has indicated that recent load shedding was due to some power units being offline unexpectedly, but has warned that until they get through their scheduled maintenance we can expect nightly load shedding through winter!

The implication was that during the course of winter, they should have caught up with maintenance.
The reality of the matter is that maintenance is YEARS behind and even at an accelerated rate (which is not possible due to budget constraints) Eskom needs 5 years to get through the backlog. That also is based on the very optimistic assumption that this schedule runs smoothly and according to plan.

It is fantastic to have an air conditioner to heat the room in winter, they work so well compared to oil, coil and element heaters but, far more efficient. Not so fantastic if there is load shedding….but then none of them work without our favourite electricity provider.

Inverters, PV panels and (battery) storage options are becoming more accessible and there are some really decent and well priced long term products available. It may pay you to explore some of these options. You should note that product pricing especially when it comes to inverters and batteries differ quite broadly between similar products. The reason for this is often what the capabilities are of those inverters and/or batteries.

There is also a lot of information about the various options. Like my wife always tells me if I have a question, ‘Google it!’. Otherwise get hold of us and we can give you some guidance.

We do have some plug and play UPS devices available in or store and these can have panels added in future if need be; www.green-grid.co.za/shop/ We are always happy to give you no nonsense guidance. Candles are otherwise a great option!


Expect load-shedding throughout winter

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