Eskom have released their latest results. There are absolutely no surprises there. A death spiral in aviation terms is essentially when a plane loses control and spins to its logical conclusion and ultimate demise. On the very rare occasion a plane may recover from this mechanical and aerodynamic nightmare, this usually takes the form of a combination of elements being luck, skill and the gods deciding now is not your time.
In December of 1991, I actually survived such an event over the farms of the Free State. This is now a thing of memory shared by the other occupants of the aeroplane who were also along for the ride and what the farmers considered to be a free air show. I could write a lengthy story about the 5 minutes (but probably less) that it took for our show to commence to the spectacular finale of doing a ‘wheels-up’ in farmer Brown’s freshly ploughed field. It felt like forever but happened in an instant, all at the same time. Just like Eskom.
The demand for solar power and battery back-up is a growth industry. Ongoing improvements in storage and generation mean that relative to the cost, it is becoming cheaper and more reliable to install your own system for home and/or business.

The BIG issue here is that individuals and businesses that have already moved across to renewables have taken revenue away from Eskom. This means that while their pool of paying customers diminishes at an ever faster rate, the pool of paying customers is disproportionately impacted as they carry more and more free loaders.

There is no rainbow at the end of farmer Browns field, the longer you leave the change to being self sufficient the harder government and Eskom will make it for you to transition to solar.

Contact us for some advice on the switch, there are a lot of installers out there, and a good inverter is worth it’s weight. We are happy to help!

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