Load shedding leads to vote shedding, coal stocks have been an issue for some time now as well as the Gupta pricing attached to that sub-grade coal.

Diesel is what we are currently running our power on, but this is even more expensive than coal and is less sustainable than even poor quality coal. The ANC recently needed treasury to inject a few billion of easy to come by tax money to keep the lights on. This was due to a delay in Chinese loan money coming through……

Read the link below from the Citizen, I can defintely put my head on the block and say that after May 8, load shedding will be back to its merry best and the demand for solar solutions will explode. Please note that there is already a shortage of materials for PV/solar systems, we cant get them in fast enough.

Perhaps I am bias towards solar, but I am also in a place, like most of my colleagues in the industry, where we can see no light at the end of the tunnel.



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